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As one of the first professional investors in Switzerland, M2Capital started in 1997 to make investments for institutional investors in private companies. With its investment funds M2Capital Partners, it was a successful fund manager realising top percentile returns. Through these, M2Capital was a Swiss pioneer in the private equity market which is now well-established.

As of 2005, M2Capital changed focus and moved to pursuing its own investment business. As a result, it was able to successfully initiate a range of long-term investments in medium-sized companies.

The investments made by the M2-Group are in principle not consolidated on an industry basis. Every company benefits from the assumption that it is able to position itself optimally in its initial business. They remain in the Group as long as they continue to develop successfully. A portfolio company in our Group is typically involved in national and global niche markets and in manufacturing or processing industries, e.g. speciality chemicals or also mechanical engineering and machinery and equipment construction.

M2Capital usually invests as a majority shareholder and pursues an entrepreneurial approach. It can also arrange financial solutions for companies and provide management capacities if required. 

From its own many years of managerial experience in operative leadership positions, the staff at M2Capital are familiar with the problems faced by companies operating internationally from a strategic and operative perspective. This includes for example the re-positioning of a company, process optimisation along the value chain, expansion into new markets, dealing with different mentalities within a company or implementing international manufacturing concepts.